Show Support & Appreciation

The Association is run entirely by volunteers. We have no paid members and all office holders such as the chairman and Trustees are likewise volunteers. We therefore rely on donations, gifts, and legacies not to mention volunteers


  • Administer the bookings
  • Drive the minibus
  • Administer the members and clubs
  • Plan Trips
  • Check the vehicles
  • Help in other ways…

Monetary Support

  • Sponsor – and advertise on our website and minibuses etc…
  • Donate
  • Bequeath
  • Pay directly for things we need
  • Gift-Aid

Thank You!

Although the association is self funding overall and does not set out to make a profit from the charges to passengers it will always make a loss year on year. This is largely due to the rising vehicle maintenance costs, costs of replacement vehicles when needed and occasional accidental damage costs not covered by insurances. It is entirely run by volunteers who are reimbursed only for necessary costs incurred supporting the charity.