October 2020 Community Minibus Association- Storrington Division Newsletter

The latest newsletter from Storrington is now available for download. It can be found at:

2020 October Newsletter-Storrington

In this edition there are articles about the current status of the divisions minibus services during the pandemic; a long serving members 100th birthday celebrations and information on how you can help the community further.

Storrington Minibus Schedule

Storrington village operates a number of buses and has a wide variety of destinations. Pick up’s from residents homes in Cootham, Thakeham (south of Jackets Hill), Sullington and Storrington Parishes or, for West Chiltington residents, in Nutbourne, Thakeham (north of Jackets Hill) and West Chiltington Parishes.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic all outings and trips including shopping trips are now suspended

Our normal schedule is as follows:

Monday Shopping Storrington AM & PM
  Shopping Pulborough  
   Club Storrington Monday Club 2-4pm
Tuesday Shopping Storrington AM & PM
  Shopping Worthing PM
  Pub Lunches   Monthly Last Tuesday 
  Scenic Trips   Monthly 2nd Tuesday March-Nov
Wednesday Shopping Storrington AM & PM
  Shopping Chichester Monthly 1st Wednesday
  Shopping Horsham Monthly 3rd Wednesday
  Lunch Pulborough Pop in Lunch Club  
Thursdays Shopping Storrington AM & PM
  Lunch Storrington Pop in lunch club Monthly 1st Thursday
Friday Shopping Storrington AM & PM
  Shopping Pulborough Monthly 2nd & 4th Friday PM
  Shopping Holmbush Monthly 1st & 3rd Friday PM

Please call the Booking office on 01903 740282 to book ALL trips, outings and lunches.

Membership information can be provided by Jenny Hibbert, West Chiltington 01798 813045 , or Anne Ford Robertson, Storrington  , 01903 743261

For general information please call Local Co-ordinator Jane Jeffery on 01903 743 693 

Monthly outing details can be obtained from David Richardson on 01903 744178.

Monthly lunches details can be obtained from Ian Clarke on 01903 743261

email the team