Chair/CEO Role Specification

 Role of Chair of Trustees /CEO


In the Community Minibus Association, the roles of Chair of Trustees and CEO are currently combined in one person.  This requires a careful integration of the traditional role of Chair of the Trustee Board, with its wider, strategic planning and governance responsibilities added to the management functions necessary as CEO of a small and vibrant charity dependent upon fundraising.  Both the incumbent and other volunteer Trustees and Local Co-Ordinators recognise and respect the challenges in combining these two roles.

Scope and Purpose

  • To guide and lead the charity as an equal member of the Trustee Board, in accordance with the Governing Document, in order to sustain and deliver Community Transport as a social service to the residents of West Sussex.
  • To co-ordinate and manage the delivery of the charitable purpose, in accordance with the direction of the Trustees.


Key Responsibilities

As Chair of Trustees

  • Future Planning for the charity.
  • Lead the Trustee Board in planning for the future of the charity.
  • Identify statutory, community and social developments in order to adapt the charity and secure its future.
  • Co-ordinate the Officers, Trustees and Activities of the Trustee Board:
  • Advise and support the Secretary, Treasurer and Managers in the execution of their duties.
  • Lead the selection, development and succession of Trustees and the appointment of Managers and Local Co-Ordinators.
  • Ensure all Trustees meet their obligations to the charity, in line with the Constitution.
  • Lead all Trustee Meetings and the AGM, to include:
  • Support preparation and agree Agendas.
  • Lead meetings, discussions and assist in formulating decisions and conclusions.
  • Represent the Association with External Bodies:
  • When appropriate, represent the Association in external engagement with other charities and organisations.
  • Represent the Association in communication with public media.
  • Engage with potential donors and benefactors


  • Co-ordinate and manage the activities of the charity:
  • Lead and co-ordinate the Management Board, including support to Local Co-Ordinators and co-ordinating and synchronising the charity’s Managers.
  • Ensure compliance with statutory, legal and safety requirements, including safety checks and documentation, risk assessments and appropriate insurance.
  • Co-ordinate internal procedures and responsibilities.
  • Ensure proper records and data are maintained, in accordance with data protection regulations.
  • Co-ordinate volunteer training and development.

The Skills and Knowledge Required for This Role


  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels within and external to the Charity
  • Ability to lead and motivate an effective team of volunteers
  • Ability to think strategically and plan to ensure the successful longevity of the Charity
  • Ability to utilise all forms of media to promote the Charity within West Sussex, attracting both volunteers and service users
  • Ability to conciliate and reconcile when differences of opinion occur
  • Ability to scope out potential fundraising opportunities, complete and submit successful bids
  • Ability to analyse information and makes sound decisions accordingly



  • Sound working knowledge of success factors in commercial organisations and the voluntary sector
  • Understanding of governance appertaining to the charitable sector
  • Awareness of relevant health and safety principals
  • Understanding of the key issues associated with running a community transport service
  • Financial management

Method of Application

Your Curriculum Vitae together with a covering letter detaining your interest in and suitability for this voluntary role should be emailed to the Secretary,