Billingshurst Destinations and Schedule

We produce our schedule every 3 or 4 months.

We have regular Thursday shopping trips to Horsham. We usually visit Chichester twice a month, and have weekly trips to coastal or other scenic towns. We go on ‘mystery’ and other scenic drives.

We run trips to garden centres, pubs and tea rooms. We organise trips to concerts and theatres.

We pick-up / return to any address with a RH14 9xx postcode.

Our monthly schedule and booking information are printed in the Billingshurst Village Tweet and in our Newsletter, which is delivered to all local members.

Timing on the schedule is based on minibus departure from base – dependent on pick-up order, it may take a while to get to you. Please be patient.

For further information please contact Steve O’Dowd on 01403 784428 or email

email the team

Our Newsletters

Our Newsletter is delivered to all our individual members, and contains the latest schedule and key information about the trips.

Please see the latest copy of ‘The Tweet’ for our schedule.

You can find copies of our recent Newsletters below, and those from longer ago at the foot of this page.